Friday, May 31, 2013

Feature Shop // Down That Little Lane

Today I'm really pleased to introduce you to an online store that I'm pretty sure you will fall in love with the moment you lock eyes through your screen. Down That Little Lane (DTLL) is run by Tessa, an English born lady who now calls Sydney home. I've asked her a few questions so you can find out about the store, and get some advice from Tessa if you are a small business looking to sell your wares.

Down That Little Lane is an online marketplace for quality handmade goods. How did it all start?
Down that Little Lane is not just about being handmade as many items are designed by our creators and then produced for them but it  IS all about unique items and pieces you won't find in many local shops. I am a person that likes to find unusual gifts and I started DTLL as a place to share the smaller businesses I had discovered whilst doing that, the ones that made my little heart thump, the ones I felt should be shown to a bigger audience.
What is the philosophy behind Down That Little Lane?
To support small businesses and help them grow to a much larger scale. The get to know the ones I longed to know more about with every delivery that came to my door over the years and our mission statement is “We aim to attract an elite community of fine product makers and suppliers and become the best on-line multi-store in Australia” I think this reflects our commitment to selecting every seller by their high-end, independent and niche products.

How do you source and select vendors for the marketplace?
There is not a single way I do NOT source.. I am constantly asking someone where they got that amazing bag, I read so many niche blogs, follow amazing designers in all sorts of places and generally get drawn to anything out of the ordinary on my travels.

Can you share some of your current favourite products/stores in Down That LIttle Lane?
Oh now that is not fair.. I love them all but on my hit list for purchases in the next few weeks are...
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Do you have any advice for handmade sellers looking to succeed in this competitive online environment?
Make sure you have something different about your designs, be original and don't copy others. Believe in your talent and don't spread yourself too thin by marketing yourself everywhere, choose the right audience and really go for it and publicising those avenues.

Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous business with us Tessa!

If you are looking for a gift for a special someone (that includes yourself), check out DTLL, it's full of fun, beautiful and practical bits and pieces for guys and gals :) Also, if you follow on instagram, you get special access to weekly giveaways! (That's in addition to the fortnightly giveaways run on the DTLL home page - more reasons to check in often)

find Down This Little Lane around the web:


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Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Sponsor Giveaway - Advertise your blog or shop!

Each month, my sponsor team gets together to offer a collection of prizes in one big giveaway. This month we have some great ad space for one lucky reader to use to promote their blog or shop. Let me introduce you to the blogs who will be hosting your ad if you're the lucky winner!
All this for one lucky winner! How awesome is that? It's a great way to get some extra eyes on your work. All you need to do to enter is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Wore - Cecil Sweater and Shooting Stars

How adorable is Cecil? He has the best wistful smile that I've seen on a furry critter all week. I was pretty excited to receive him in a package from Lonely Kids Club, complete with my very own "Kitty" drawing. If you like Cecil, but you're not quite prepared for his fleecy embrace, don't worry, you can get him on a t-shirt too, along with a whole lot of other stuff at this Sydney based label. I'm not sure that this blouse is the perfect match, but I think it works OK. I might go on the hunt for a more appropriate collar-partner soon.
Today we have the final style in the Jessica-T printed tights range as well, aren't they adorable? As I mentioned in last week's post, you can currently snag these at a big discount when you purchase along with a pair of shoes at Jessica-T. You get a pair of tights and a pair of shoes for just $29.95, with free shipping within Australia. If you'd like to see the other styles, check out the "Big Heart" and "Heart Beam" outfit posts. I love the asymmetric smattering of stars on these, aren't they cute?
I normally have a little story or something to tell you about in my outfit posts, but for some reason today I just don't know what to tell you. It's all work-work around here lately. Although C and I did manage to get out to the Opera House on the weekend to see the live performance of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Oh my. I do love the Opera House. And Blade Runner. And music. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Vivid Festival this weekend, is there anyone else in Sydney enjoying the winter lights?
Bodycon Dress // (old) similar here
Polka Dot Blouse with Double Collar // (old) ModCloth
White Skull Ring // It's a mystery, I found it on the ground


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Monday, May 27, 2013

Meet my fabulous May Sponsor Team

I'd love for you to take a minute or ten and read all about my May sponsors, they're an attractive bunch, and they're talented, sweet and friendly too! What more could you want? Please be sure to show the love by visiting their links and following along if you like what you see.

This month I decided to ask a little question to my sponsors, like I used to, to help you get to know them a little better. The big question is "What is your favourite flower and spring activity?" Since it's getting cold here, I thought I'd live vicariously through those of you enjoying the spring weather!

Down that Little Lane is an on line multi store where you can find unique and bespoke gifts... Well over 500 boutique stores stocking the either handmade or just the less commercial pieces you always hope to find. DTLL is a community that supports smaller individual stores, a place to share the delightful things.
✿ My favourite flower would be an orchid or a lily and my spring pastime is my all year around pastime of running bush tracks.

Kitty - My favourite product // Contented Raincloud Felt Brooch - It took me ages to pick an item, there is so much great stuff in this store! This raincloud brooch is adorable though :)

Hi!  I'm Toni, a 27 year old blogger from Sheffield, England.  I run a personal/lifestyle blog called Lemon Freckles where I share things about my life, loves, crafts and things I find inspiring.  Come by and say hello!
✿ My favourite flowers are daises, they just seem so happy!  
I love having picnics in the spring, nothing better then friends, food and the outdoors.

Kitty - My favourite post // An Afternoon - It's so much fun having a peek into someone else's day :) Also, I love antique stores in England!

I love to write! And this blog is where I can share all of my other loves, my adventures, challanges and projects. I'm a nature dweller. I particularly adore anywhere where there is wildlife and water; beaches, rivers and lakes (Man, I love lakes). I enjoy ornithology, vegan cooking and collecting books.
✿ My favourite flower to have around the house is the peony. But to see growing in the wild I love blossoms, it's so beautiful seeing a whole tree full of little white flowers! I'm really loving pressing flowers at the minute, spring is when all the wild flowers erupt so its fun to collect and press them.

Kitty  - My favourite post // Recently - Featuring some lovely photos from a walk along the canal and some cute drawings too!

My name is Mo and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian, animal lover, pizza addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry. 
✿ Peonies! I love, love, looooove peonies!
And what better springtime pastime other than planting flowers for your garden! I love getting dirty while helping produce something so beautiful.

Kitty  - My favourite post // Wednesday Wish List - A lovely collection of Mo's finds, I especially like those "Cat Lady" brooches :)

The Vagabond Studio is an eco-friendly lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring others in living creative, peaceful, more sustainable lives. Shai is a full-time student of Political/Social Philosophy and Peace Studies, Mommy to two (plus two), and peace activist who loves sharing her knowledge and tips with the world.

Kitty - My favourite post // You're Not Wrong, Just Different - A nice piece challenging you to look at conflict and worry in a fresh way.

Hey guys! My name is Maria and I blog over at Little Tree. I am a tiny lady obsessed with vintage, thrifting, and anything fashion related. I have a passion for anything creative, and after just finishing my last semester of fashion school, I am ready to see where life takes me.
✿ I love sunflowers & orchids. My favorite spring pastime is definitely having picnics in the park!

Kitty - My favourite post // Coming To An End - A lovely post about finishing school and what blogging means to Maria.

Yep that's Uptights for you! Limited edition quirkily elegant leggings, bike shorts and skirts, designed and individually handmade in Australia (with love) in my Sydney based studio.
Uptights focuses on designing uniquely inspiring prints which extend the realms of reality into kaleidoscope birds, pac- man grandpa pajamas and floating green eyed cats, to name a few. Be sure, when you wear a pair of Uptights fashionable, yet immensely comfortable leggings you'll stand out! 
✿ Umm its got to be Hyacinth flowers. So pretty and sweet! I love spring picnics in the park with friends followed by a mini soccer game:-)

Kitty - My favourite product // Purple Rain Print Leggings - Leggings inspired by Prince, that's a-for-awesome in my book :)

Hi! My name is Violet. I'm just a silly girl that loves to take pictures and document the wonderful things in life. I am a wedding/portrait photographer living in Indianapolis, IN and love sharing everything from crafts, food, fashion and photo-sessions with my readers. Come say hello!
✿ My favorite flower is definitely the Forget Me Not....everyone assumes it's Violets ;)
My favorite spring pastime is traveling and exploring while we are having the best weather of the year and I also LOVE garage saling. It's something I've grown up doing every spring.

Kitty - My favourite post // Strawberry Lemonade Recipe - Get in my mouth. Now.

Thanks for sponsoring during May, it's been great having you all!


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Wordless Weekend #24 - Yakushima Part 2

In the forest on the hiking trails of Yakushima, there are free cabins you can sleep in. They are chillingly cold, and likely haunted by yokai and yurei. I took these photos during a short pit stop on our hike.


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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Found #61

I was reading the news today and it mentioned that some kind of weather system is floating about that will make our winter wet miserable. Usually we have 2 seasons in Australia, generally hot / wet and cold / dry. The cold and wet combo I can do without, thank you very much. It puts me into an ironic mood where I feel like wearing my sunshine shoes to counteract the misery. These "Hello Sunshine" kicks from ModCloth could add to my sunny shoe collection for the coming dreary months.
via: ModCloth

I spotted the illustrations of Marcos Chin some time ago, and I quite enjoy his style, it reminds me a little bit of the Japanese artist Suehiro Maruo, but maybe less intense! The colours and perspective in this illustration are great and I like the shadow too :)
via: Behance

Danish home decor brand Miss √Čtoile has the most dainty range of cute dishes with little faces, polka dots and much more. Ooh-la-la!

This nautical style bag on Etsy is just perfect. I love the combination of colours and the simple shapes, and maybe I also like the breezy photo it comes packaged in :)

I know this seems counter-productive, strapping a notebook to your iPhone, but hear me out. Sometimes the tactile nature of paper and pen is just necessary to get an idea out. And sometimes, just sometimes, your phone battery won't last and you might get stuck in Japan at a strange subway station with no idea how to get home. The written word, in these situations, can serve as your life preserver. Sometimes a drawing of a map is better than a photo of one. Just sayin'
via: dodocase

Do you follow Betty Means Business? I find Betty aka Kate's posts useful, informative and to the point. After my little chat about not recording every moment this week, I came across this post, 3 Ways To Be Original, which nicely follows on from that idea, so I thought it may be a good idea to share.

You still have 2 more days (until the 26th May) to get 25% off ad space, you can read more details in my call for sponsors post. The XL ads are sold out for June, but you can lock in the discount price by reserving for July if you want to grab a great deal.

I'm not sure how it is the weekend already, I can't even think straight about everything I have to catch up on. Do you ever have a break and find it impossible to get back into a routine? I've found myself struggling to keep up with emails lately, so I apologise if I owe you one. There are a few exciting things happening and I'm just trying to stay on top of it all. The Vivid Festival started in Sydney tonight, so I'm hoping on Sunday that I will have a chance to capture some images like we did last year. (Vivid Festival Post #1, #2 and #3) Aside from that, it's just a little design work, garden work, house work, wedding work (my sister's!), sleeping work and gym work I think. I might do some eating work too. Jeez, everything is work-work-work right now. I just want to do nothing sometime! I'll let you know when that actually happens... I hope you've got some relaxing planned?


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Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring in Japan - Yakushima Part 1

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Japan was visiting Yakushima. Being an island located between the southern tip of Japan and Okinawa, it's a little tricky to get to, but so worth the journey. If you're a Studio Ghibli fan, and know the film Princess Mononoke, the art director for the film based the sketches for the landscape on this island, and spent much time here preparing the look for the film. It is a beautiful place, covered in mountains and Cedar forests, with some trees estimated at being 7,000 years old. The island is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.
We stayed at Shikinoyado-Onaida with Kentaro and his fabulous family, if you ever make it to Yakushima, they are the sweetest, most hospitable family (and great cooks too!) and I highly recommend staying there. On our first night, we brought a small treat as a gift for the kids and they were so thrilled, C was treated to some magic tricks and and game, and I had my portrait made! So CUTE! Kawaii :) By the way, this charismatic Zombie Child is a load of fun, but also polite and courteous to guests, we had the best time with the kids so they felt like we were family, especially after he produced ¥100 from an unusual place in one of his magic tricks ;)

Yakushima has a reputation for raining 35 days in a month. Somehow we completely lucked out and the 2 nights we spent there, we were treated to warm weather and clear skies. I think someone exaggerated... We had one full day to hike on the mountain, so we chose the 5 hour round trip that included the 'Mononoke Forest' which is a Primordial forest, and the inspiration for the film designs. But I'll share that with you in the next post, for now, enjoy these pictures of the island and our beautiful accommodation  Looking back over the pictures, I am so incredibly eager to go back. What a peaceful, beautiful place, so in sync with nature, and such great food!
I had to include the crocs picture for the sake of honesty, after I mentioned it in this post.


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