Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wordless Weekend #17

The Guesthouse we stayed in during our visit to Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia - March 2013


Friday, March 29, 2013

Found #53

Today I am visiting Tokyo Disney! I'm so excited to be in Japan, so I thought I'd make a Japanese themed Found this week :)
Have you guys seen shironeko? I think he may be the MOST chilled out cat in the entire world. There are so many cute pictures of him (follow the link) but this is one of my favourites. I'm going to use my Japanese skills to translate his name for you too: Shiro = White Neko = Cat. WhiteCat. Makes sense.
via: Gro-o

I'm a little fond of the Kawachi Fuji Wisteria Tunnel. Just a little. It is nearby where I am traveling. Do you think it's worth a detour? hmmmm.
via: Fancy

Unfortunately this festival ended a few days before we touched down in Japan. How incredible does it look?! I love fairy lights. This is something else...

My favourite Japanese food :D It's a sweet of course. Have ou tried Mochi? They'e also called Daifuku. Check out the image link if you want a detailed description! They are a sweet rice treat. My favourite is Azuki, which have a red bean filling.

I am beside myself about visiting Koyasan in about a week's time. This heritage listed area is so incredibly beautiful, it looks like a film set! We are staying in a temple with some monks. This cemetery has the lanterns lit each evening at twilight. I cannot believe we are going here.

I hope your weekend is awesome! We are off to Shibu-Onsen on Sunday to relax in some hot springs and visit the Snow Monkeys :D


March Group Giveaway

It's a big group giveaway again this month! My lovely sponsors have gathered together to offer you some really great prizes this month. I'm so excited to be able to offer one lucky winner the following prizes:

I'm so in love with the prizes this month, I know whoever wins the giveaway is going to be chuffed :D Entry is easy! Just use the Rafflecopter widget below, you can gain lots of bonus entries, which gives you an even better chance of winning!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meet My Wonderful March Sponsor Team

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to a lovely group of sponsors this month. Have a little read about each of them, and to make it easy for you, I've selected my favourite products and posts for you. If you don't trust my taste, by all means, check them out more thoroughly. As always, if you like what you see, show them some love!

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I'm Amanda and I write about life with my darling fella, Will, as work and live. For the past three years we have been building our own house in WV on top of a mountain in an old abandoned apple orchard, and we have just now moved in. We have just started on our next adventure, creating a documentary about the internet in the US.
My favourite post: What To Wear St. Patricks Day/My Birthday - A cute photoshoot in green and lace, with a familiar necklace... (that rhymed!)

I'm Aubin, a mid-twenties artist and girl anachronism from Portland, Maine. My blog Saturday's Child is full of personal style, mid-century pop culture, and amusing historical anecdotes. Stop by and say hello sometime!
My favourite post: Cult Movies: Clue - I love Aubin's movie knowledge, this post is full of interesting facts and observations.

Yep that's Uptights for you! Limited edition quirkily elegant leggings and skirts, designed and individually handmade in Australia (with love) in my Sydney based studio. Ideal for yoga, office work, sun worship, theatre going, character flaunting and all things in between.
My favourite product: I love the Tutti Frutti leggings pictured, but the White Noise Leggings are pretty darn sweet too!

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Hi, I'm Sunae and I blog over at Little Foal - a place for me to share my love of vintage, thrifting, DIY, cooking and everyday life. I would love for you to join me on my adventures, so grab a cup of tea and pop on over to say hi :) 
My favourite post: Life Lately - Read all about the Quicksilver Pro (surfing event) and get yourself some nice Queensland weather in the pictures too!

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Founded in 2006, is an online boutique that features clothing and accessories created by emerging and independent designers. Every item on the site is thoughtfully chosen to provide you with stylish and sophisticated pieces that enhance your wardrobe. We pride ourselves on being in touch with you, our customer, and our goal is to create a unique and personal shopping experience.
My favourite product: The Matilda Dress by Dear Creatures has captured my heart!

Ciao, I'm Chelsea! I'm a traveling artist (currently in California) that enjoys creating on the road. I love making unique and handmade items, everything from pearl snap earrings to handbinding sketchbooks, and of course visiting new places for inspiration.
My favourite product: Personalized Children's Book, One Of A Kind, Hand Illustrated - If the title didn't pique your interest, let me say, this a beautiful. What a special gift!

Hi! my name is Chloe! Lazy Explorers is a lifestyle blog where I share my outfits, inspirations, and adventures.
My favourite post: Outfit: Pops of Color - Another cute outfit shoot, and that CAT HAT. sigh.

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Hey! I'm Rachel and I blog about design, fashion, my coffee addiction and life. I love to find fab things online to share with my readers -- it helps my hoarding tendencies.
My favourite post: Landscape Love - A great collection of beautiful places. I could look at them for hours.

Hello there!  My name is Jessie and I blog about my love for design, nature and life.  I take lots of pictures and enjoy sharing them on my blog.  I am passionate about saving the planet, riding my bike and being vegan!  Hope you will stop by and say hello.
My favourite post: Photo An Hour / Early Sunday and Biking - Can I just say, I wish I could hop in my car and DRIVE to Colorado for a little bike ride! Jealous lady over here.

I am constantly inspired by all things beautiful and with this I love to create unique and wearable art in the form of fashion jewelry. I especially love to create Romantic, Bridal, Everyday & Vintage Style Jewelry.
My favourite product: Brass Tribal Geometric Pendant - I love the colours in this necklace, there are so many beautiful things in the Smoketabby store!

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My Billie Designs is a lifestyle + design blog. You'll find yummy food + cocktail recipes, color inspiration, my latest design work and a bunch of other things that keep me inspired and motivated on a daily basis. We're reeeeal friendly over there so pop in and say hi : )
My favourite post: Pen And Paper Just Really Does It For Me - Melanie talks about inspiration, time out and living!

My name is Mo and I'm a New Orleanian, vegetarian , animal lover, pizza addict, bicycle commuter, women's college graduate who currently works in the film industry.
My favourite post: Soak It In - Mo is off on a new adventure! Good Luck :D

I created Share the Love in 2011 after getting engaged to my now-husband Sean. Initially, it was a private blog to share wedding information with my bridal party. After our wedding this past August, I decided to make my blog public, keep writing and see where this part of the journey leads me!  I had no idea how big (and fun!) was the blogging world. Now I write mostly for the social aspect, and for the love of writing.  And I write about things I love: food/cooking, vegetarianism, animals, art, my life.  Come say hi, I'd be honoured to "meet" you!
My favourite post: Just Me Friday - A rare quiet moment

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Hi guys! I'm Lesley, the blogger behind By the Porchlight. I blog about all things crafty & creative, good food, good books, good deeds and all of life's adventures in between.
My favourite post: Feelin' Good - All about what Lesley has been up to lately, including her new job working with the kitties.

Hello lovelies! My name is Anne and I am a young dutch girl running a illustration business next to a little blog and shop! I mainly draw biology stuff and my shop is filled with my illustrations and custom handpainted pet portraits. Looking for a pillow with your cat on it? I'm your gal. My blog of course shows my artwork but also my day to day life and loads of pictures of animals and the amazing environment I live in. And thrift finds. And taxidermy. And cats. You get it!
My favourite post: Her Left Eye Is Lazy - Beautiful photographs and a nice reminder to slow down.

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and my blog is my little spot on the World Wide Web where I can produce a little sunshine, both for all of you and for myself. I've only had my blog for a couple months so I'm learning as I go along. My posts vary from make-up and fashion, YouTube videos- either my own or other's- and anything else that tickles my fancy.
My favourite post: One Day Can Change Everything - Good to remember during tough times.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I Wore - On The Plane

This is my outfit for traveling on the plane to Japan. We have to fly first from Sydney to the Gold Coast, QLD, which is a 1 1/2 hour flight. We are stuck in the beautiful Gold Coast (airport) for 3 hours and then board a 9 hour flight to Tokyo. Obviously I'd like to be comfortable. To complement my 'Packing Light' theories, I also try to wear my largest/heaviest items on the plane. This serves me well in a couple of ways. 1. It lightens my luggage. When I'm wearing my biggest heels and coat, my bag has so much more room inside. 2. I get cold on the plane, and sometimes the blankets they give you aren't very warm, so it's good to have something cosy to wear when you're 10,000ft in the air.

I apologise for the quality of these photos, we ran out of daylight hours, a gal's gotta work! I hope this gives you the right idea, and rest assured, you'll be seeing this outfit properly during my adventures :)

I'll also be keeping in mind that while Sydney is currently around 30ºC (90F), we arrive in Tokyo in the evening and it's going to be closer to 6ºC (40F) So I might be hot in Sydney, but I'll need the layers on the plane, and when we land.

I generally wear all of my bulky jackets on the plane, though I try to only bring one. This time I have my (p)leather jacket (not pictured) and my cape! Because we'll be walking a lot, and we will be visiting the mountain regions, it will probably be quite chilly, so I'm bringing an extra layer that can be worn together if I get cold.

How incredible are these shoes?!? They were a Christmas gift from C's brother, who found them for me in London when he was on holiday last year. He saw them, said, what could be better for Shell than shoes that are blue AND red AND polka dotted AND gingham AND have a bow AND have cute critters dangling off them? NOTHING. As an added bonus he gave me the matching bag as well... Should I keep him as a brother-in-law? I think I might... I had to bring these shoes to Japan. I won't wear them everyday, but there's nothing better to wear on a night out in Tokyo. I broke my shoe limit rule this time. Sorry! But these are special :) Nico is extremely upset that we are packing suitcases. It breaks my heart to leave the babies behind, but they will be getting plenty of love and cuddles, and we'll be back in no time!

I'll write more about my specific wardrobe items in the outfit posts I do in Japan, I can't wait to tell you all about this dress! In love ❤
The "Foxglove" Party Dress // Isabel Knowles
Cape // (old) from Saxony
Shoes/Bag // Irregular Choice
 Microfiber Baby Blue Tights // We Love Colors
Brooch // c/o Under The Shade Of A Bonsai Tree
Necklace // Telescope gift from C
Necklace // St Christopher medallion
(not a Catholic, but it's a gift of the Patron Saint of travel, which is good enough for me!)

Sort of a DIY - Packing Light

So many people are alarmed, shocked and look ready to call the men in white coats when I say I like to travel with only a carry-on bag, even for holidays that last for 6 weeks. It's really important to me to be comfortable and not stressed out when I'm traveling and for me, lugging around a humongous suitcase full of my entire wardrobe is not cool. I'll make a disclaimer. I've paid for a checked bag on the way back in case I go shopping. So I may bring a suitcase back. But I don't expect it to be full, even after thrift shopping in Koenji and visiting the folk artists in Takayama :) This is whats in my suitcase:
We have two black tunics that can be worn under a skirt/dress for warmth and also layered with each other, a knitted black top that can go with jeans, a skirt and over my dress. A stripy top to go with jeans and a skirt and a pyjama top for sleeping in. (that's usually how I use pyjama tops, but I thought I'd be clear!) Very important is my eye mask for sleeping peacefully on the plane (ha!) and in hotels/inns and guest houses, where you never know how bright it might be from sunrise, street lights, hotel lighting etc. I'm also wearing some clothes too, you'll see the outfit in tomorrow's post :) Also, you might notice I'm not bringing a skirt, but I'm talking about one. I'll buy one in Japan, I hope!

The right pile is: One pair of jeans, my Uptights cat leggings (they can double as sleeping pants if it gets cold, or gym pants if I'm feeling crazy) 3 x pairs of tights, they all work with everything in my suitcase colour-wise. Four pairs of brand new socks, because my shoes will be coming on and off a LOT. I figure, each night I can wash socks in the basin if I can't find a laundromat, and in Tokyo, I'll definitely be buying a couple more pairs of super cute socks (I can feel it in my bones)

All of my outfits are interchangeable, and with what I have here, I have a different outfit for at least 6-8 days running.

My cosmetics are pared right down for traveling too. The main thing is contact lens solution (bor-ring). I have a small cleanser, moisturiser, tinted sunscreen, deodorant. Some foundation and primer for going out, mascara. Three lip shades (pink, orange and red) and eyeliner. Oh and lip balm and toothpaste. If I need anything else, I'll buy it over there.

Things that are not pictured - my spare pair of shoes, hair straightener and about 8 pairs of underwear. That should tide me over until we find a laundromat. Oh and one spare bra. In my handbag I have my wallet, travel documents, two cameras, camera charger and spare SD cards, and 2 books. And that's it!

I'd love to tell you more, but I think it explains itself, and my plane leaves in, oh, 4 hours. Time for a nap! I hope this helps you out if you're trying to pack light. Remember to mix and match outfits, pare down your cosmetics to the bare minimum and pack light! It makes life so much easier!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wordless Weekend #16