Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo A Day #5 The Wigwam

The Wigwam. This is my favourite building on the main street of the town where I live. I'm not sure why it is called The Wigwam, or exactly how long it has been there. Definitely since the 70's. It has somehow survived the modernisation of the town centre, I think because nobody looks up. I'll get a pic of this one during the day as well, I think it will look amazing with a nice blue sky behind. The only connection I can find with wigwams other than the sign is a portrait of Pocahontas on the glass door of the building, which used to house an extremely stuffy used book store upstairs. It was one of those book stores that felt like you may be buried alive by a pile of Quartos and nobody would notice your absence, or any disturbance amidst the chaos of magazines, textbooks and the occasional gem. Pocahontas and the book store are both gone now. I'm glad The Wigwam sign is still intact, the font is incredible! xo


  1. More photos of the Wigwam please Shell!

  2. Is that someone from London? I'll get some Wigwam pics one morning, when I can get up early enough not to get run over while I stand on the road! And maybe when it stops raining and there's a nice blue sky!

  3. Blimey - you sound like you're in London!