Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Goal Progress

Can you believe that we are so far through 2013? I wonder if the years are going faster because I'm getting older, or if it has something to do with technology, always being 'switched on' and having less downtime than we had previously. Does anyone have the answers? I think would probably slow down if I moved to a farm without any internet access. It seems like a nice thing to do actually, just to live instead of consuming information at an impossible rate.

That said, I chose some goals that I wanted to achieve in 2013, with the plan to be more present in the moment and follow some of my dreams that I've been working on for awhile now. There are a couple of goals that I've achieved that I'd like to do a post on, all by themselves, so today, I'm just going to do a little checklist to show you how I'm going, and cross some items off my list. Because crossing items off a list is one of my best things.

1. Quit my day job

Guys. I DID THIS. I'm actually kind of blasé about the rest of the list, since this was #1 and the thing I really wanted to get done this year. I'm now working on my ability to say no occasionally, as since I started freelancing, I've been too busy to do much else. But I am loving it! Looking forward to see where this takes me :)

2. Play my bass more

3. Learn to play a new instrument (piano, violin, ukelele?)

4. Take at least 10 dance classes

I haven't done this yet, but in my defence, I've been having the worst feet problems this year. Any kind of 'light-footed' exercise (see; aerobics, boxing and obviously dancing) sets off the most awful toe-curling foot cramps. It's just disgusting. I've just seen the Foot Dr. and received some orthotics, next step is new gym shoes then, hopefully, dancing. On a positive note, I have started running a few times a week, I never thought I'd be able to run, but there you go. Turns out you just turn the treadmill to 'run' and make your feet move so that you don't faceplant.

5. Go camping

Soon, since it's starting to warm up. I guess my outback adventure didn't count, even though I was 'roughing' it in the middle of nowhere. No tents were involved...

6. Write one song per month

7. Do some work on the music room

8. Take an overseas holiday

If you've been reading my blog for more than 24 hours, you probably know that I've recently been to Japan. You can read about it, and look at the pictures in these posts. I'm so pleased with our trip and looking forward to the next one. We are both totally enamoured with Japan! We've even started watching the Japan TV Channel and will be doing a Japanese course to prepare for the next trip!

9. Sew a dress from scratch

10. De-clutter

I've done some. There's always more, isn't there?

11. Listen to more music

Yes, but definitely need more of this!

12. Take at least one day off each fortnight

I haven't been keeping a tally, but yes, I think I have. I stopped blogging EVERY day, which clears me for one day off a week, sometimes! Hooray.

13. Get my lomo LC-A fixed

14. Shoot at least 6 rolls of film

I'm on to my 3rd roll. I need to pick up the pace! I'm counting 'packets' of polaroid as rolls of film. I shot some film in Japan and the outback on my lomo Sardinia, which I just got, so I can't wait to see how (if) those photos turn out.

15. Sleep at least 6 hours each night

Yes! Yes! Just. Barely. But yes.

16. Read at least 12 books

Again, I have started. I was going so well at the start of the year, the last few months I have slowed down. I'm confident that I'll make it though!

17. Keep my little garden going

Yes and no (I'll give myself this one). It was looking great before I went to Japan (which was our Autumn) There's definitely some seasonal rotation required and some new veggies to be planted soon!

18. Walk to the river near my house (It's about 15km round trip)

Not yet! Again, Spring will be perfect for this.

19. Frame and hang some artwork

Yes, some has been done! Would like to get some more done before the year is out.

20. Make a new friend

Heh. I have, but they all live far away. I was aiming for a more... local new friend. There's still time! I suppose I shouldn't be greedy ;)

21. Keep a "Good Things" jar

I went as far as cleaning out one of my Grandma's old preserve jars to use. Does that count? No? Damnit.

22. Meditate daily (even if it's for 10 minutes)

No. No. I even signed up for a meditation course and proceeded to ignore it every day. I have this problem, whenever I meditate I fall asleep. I need to try harder...

23. Spend more 'quality' time with C. Dinners, movies, day trips, walks - that kind of thing

Yes, but there's always room for more.

24. Go on a picnic somewhere new

It doesn't count when you're on holiday, does it? I'd feel like I was cheating. Not yet.

So I'm slowly chugging through my list, hopefully I will get some time to knock a few more off the list in the coming months. Did you set any goals this year? I've kind of been avoiding looking at mine because I've been so busy*, but now I've assessed it, I don't feel so bad. Since leaving my job, I feel freedom to shift my priorities a bit. I'm looking forward to catching up on my progress a bit later on!

*I know everyone says they are busy. But let me say, this week I was relieved to realise that Autumn and Winter are on their way, only to then realise, with dismay, that it's actually Spring/Summer here. I am so hectic and frazzled that I have NO IDEA which season it's supposed to be. It doesn't help that we went to Japan (their Spring, our Autumn) and it was snowy-cold, then our winter was warm, I went to the desert, which was like the middle of summer and now everyone I seem to talk to is in the Northern Hemisphere and farewelling summer. Phew. In short. I'm sorry if I owe you an email. Seriously.


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