Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo A Day #55 New Hampshire - I Saw A Moose

I don't normally post two travel adventures in a row, but today I'll make an exception. We'd been driving from Niagara Falls, and along the way had spotted many signs warning of moose breeding season. Also, in Yellowstone, we went on a moose-spotting expedition on which I saw a chipmunk, but no Moose(s)? (Meece?). I was quite concerned that I would see a moose on the road while I was rounding a corner in my tiny hire car, which would definitely come off worse than the moose. But I was also very keen to see one, I had my heart set on it for some reason. New Hampshire was the state that will forever be remembered as my first moose sighting.

I apologise for the quality of these photos, we were in a moving car, with a moving moose, and a moving video. C decided to film the moose instead of photographing it, I presume because he wanted to capture the moment forever. With sound and vision. Look at moosie's questioning front leg!

 I think this might be the point at which the moose heard my approach. I'm not talking about the car engine. I'm talking about my voice... I'll transcribe for you, because I am *so* not making the video public! "Is it a moose?" ... "It's a mooooose!!" ... "I see a moose!" ... "Are you filming this?!" ... "Helloooooo mooooosssseeee!" ... "Yeah! a Moose!"

I might have been a bit inconsiderate of the moose's feelings, I'm sure he didn't like my high pitched excitement at his presence, but it was really beyond my control to be quiet. (I'm not normally a loud person, this was pretty out of character). He didn't seem to mind too much. He just calmly trotted off into the woods again.

Bye Moose!

I'm sure all of you American and Canadian readers are thinking I'm a bit crazy for being so excited about a moose, but it was really a highlight of my trip. I told everyone who would listen that I saw a moose, I was THAT excited.

These pictures remind me of that famous bigfoot video, but I think mine are more convincing.


  1. Hi Kitty,

    I grew up on the border of New Hampshire, and lived in Vermont for years, and I can tell you: moose are awesome and you didn't overreact! The first time I saw one, I thought it was a horse for a second. They are so huge. I am glad you saw one while you were in New England.

    --Zoey @ zoe has her moments

  2. Zoey, that is such a relief! I'm glad there are fellow moose-gazers out there as excited as me :)

  3. Shell,

    A long, long time ago I took a traveling friend from Australia home to NH to meet my mom and dad. A chipmunk ran across the road, and my friend asked me, "What's that little animal?" When I told her it was a chipmunk, her face fell. She was very disappointed. She thought chipmunks were big animals, like koalas ... but she is probably over it by now. Cheers!

  4. I've seen hundreds of moose in New Hampshire over the years, and every time it is still just as special as the last. Ryan, however, grew up on the Massachusetts border and HAS NEVER SEEN ONE! It's much more suburban down there so the moose don't bother visiting. He keeps joking that he doesn't think they're real! Now that we're living back in the Lakes Region of NH I know it won't be long until he's squealing just as loudly as you were! I'm so glad you got this memory!


  5. Moose are amazing animals! I'm so glad that you got to see one.