Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo A Day #59 Takin' Care of Business

On Thursday night, I dropped my phone on a tiled floor. It seemed fine, until I realised the next time I used it that the power button no longer worked. On Friday I had it repaired, but when I charged it last night, it would no longer charge and though the power button worked, it would not turn off, just restart. Sooo, I took it back again today and the repair shop put in a new battery free of charge! Fingers crossed it will last me a bit longer now. While it was being repaired C and I managed to eat, have coffee and do an outfit shoot. Pretty productive use of time I think.

Oh, and I went book shopping again and got a lovely Camus collection. Next week I'm going to start a new (once a month?) feature on the blog, Kitty's Book Nook. I read a lot of books and I want to share some of my favourite and current reads with you guys. I'm not going to review books, just tell a story about them so you hopefully want to read them, or tell me about your feelings on the book if you've already read it.

I also managed to purchase some fabric to make a cushion for my real-life book nook as well as my ruffle clutch supplies for the sew-a-long on See Kate Sew! AND we cleaned the house. It feels so much better in here, a clean house always clears my mind. So tomorrow hopefully I'll squeeze in some sewing, as well as visiting some family. Oh boy, I wish the weekends were about 5 days longer!

How's your weekend going so far? I hope it's a good one, whatever you're up to,



  1. Oooh the place yall ate at looks really interesting!

    Something from this post gave me the inspiration to get together a starter sewing kit to giveaway on my blog. Not sure what it was that made me think of that but thanks all the same!

  2. I've never been there before, but they made a great cup of coffee, which is about the most important factor for me!

    I'm glad the post inspired you, that means I'm doing my job right! Thanks for your comment Melanie

  3. i really love that last photo. it's pretty.

    1. C took that one, he's a really talented photographer! You can see more of his work here if you're interested :)