Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo A Day #26 Bozeman Montana Part 2

At the turquoise pool in Yellowstone National Park, so beautiful
Photo: C.

Photo: C. 
In Montana I saw my first real-life bison. I know that they are dangerous and lots of tourists get 'got' by them each year, which is why we have a very long lens on the camera! I also saw my first... chipmunk? Well, excuse my ignorance, but we don't have all these cute little critters in Australia... I THINK it's a chipmunk? Anyone?

Photo: C.

We did the tourist thing and went to Yellowstone National Park, of course. And yes, here's Old Faithful. It's not as... big... as I expected. I think some of the magic was taken away by the sheer numbers of people and the tacky gift stores surrounding it. It was pretty funny when it went off and the crowd applauded. I've never seen anyone applaud nature before!

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