Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo A Day #30 Coming Up Roses

The sun was out today, and I had a lovely lunch outdoors, catching some Vitamin D! I watched the sky turn a beautiful peachy colour after I took my photo of the day. Then I ordered pizza and had a night off from cooking. The grass is freshly cut and I have crisp, clean sheets on my bed! A good start to the weekend :)

I've been working a lot in the past few weeks, and finally have a weekend free to myself! I'm planning on doing some design work on my blog, I need to get ahead on it so it is a bit more user friendly and not just thrown together as it is now! It's definitely a work in progress! I will be making some little treats in preparation for opening my etsy store! On Sunday, I am heading to a big vintage fair, I can't wait to see what treasures I'll find!

Here's a fun shot of Nico and I having an intense conversation about her day at work (she works in the backyard most days, for many hours. She's always doing overtime and not getting paid, but she does it for the love) What have you guys got planned for the weekend?

 Photo: c.

Top // Dangerfield (many years old, it's so versatile, and close to the end of it's life unfortunately)
Dress // Paris, Texas - Sydney, Australia
Shoes // Oxfords from Urban Outfitters
Ring // William Llewellyn Griffiths @ Metal Couture Jewellry

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