Saturday, June 7, 2014

Found #98

Photographer Francesco Libassi shoots the quiet side of Tokyo. If you haven't been to Tokyo, you probably imagine it as a high-tech hive of activity. The city of 13 million people definitely has that aspect. But there are a surprising number of quiet, tranquil places where you can escape the hustle and enjoy a quiet stroll. Yes, really.

The colours in this card are just right! The fresh green with hints of pink and the golden "thanks" to top it all of.

I can't go past a good pair of oxfords, these colour blocked designs are extra-special! 

This gorgeous necklace can be worn as a choker, or reversed with the trailing end as a pendant. It's such a simple but clever design.
via: Of A Kind 

This beautiful hair tie is handcrafted from North American Walnut, by the made-to-order wood elves at Butternut Brooklyn.

image via: High Walls

Dani created this incredible collection of cocktail recipes using Rosella, which up until I read this post, I thought was the name of a bird. Turns out, it's also an exotic fruit that looks like a lacquered spiky strawberry. I'm determined to get my hands on some Rosella fruits to try these out.

Have a lovely weekend friends,

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