Monday, June 23, 2014

Learning New Things | Weaving

It's been a little while (ok, a long while - way back in February!) since I participated in my first class at The School here in Sydney. There is always a stack of great courses running there, from styling to photography to crafty pursuits. Megan Morton is the mastermind behind the operation, as well as being a renowned stylist (you can attend her styling classes too!)

As soon as I saw the name Maryanne Moodie, I was in! I've been following Maryanne's adventures on Instagram for some time and I knew the girl would be one serious well of information. If you haven't heard of Maryanne Moodie, you probably will soon. A former primary school teacher from Australia, she is now based in Brooklyn where she makes a living from her handmade woven creations. She shares the secrets of her trade with enthusiastic weaving apprentices around the world, most recently spotted in cahoots with Design Love Fest. My interest in learning weaving did bring up some conflicting feelings though... Have I turned into my mother circa 1978? When did this happen? Will I be getting a perm soon? I buried those feelings deep inside and went along to the course.

With her background in teaching, Maryanne proved to be an incredible teacher, patient, informative, attentive and encouraging to our tentative fumblings with our looms. Soon we were all weaving like pros, it was amazing to see what everyone produced in such a short time. We took our looms home for future weaving magic - I've been stalking the dusty corners of thrift stores for leftover wool treasures.
A spectacular close-up of a mistake! D'oh.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my future creations with you. Have you ever tried weaving? It's such a fun and therapuethic exercise (until you make a mistake and have to undo everything)

If you have a chance, you should try learning something new this year. It such a rewarding experience, and better for your brain than re-runs of Dawson's Creek ;)


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