Friday, June 20, 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014

It seems that Sydney has a full schedule every May and June, with the Vivid Festival, the Biennale and the Sydney Film Festival all piled up on each other in my calendar. I made it to Vivid twice this year, once to view my work which was projected at Darling Harbour, and another time to see the Opera House and Circular Quay area. It generally rains a lot during Vivid, and despite a fair weather forecast, the night I visited my animations was a washout! We got completely drenched and unfortunately I didn't get any decent pictures, just phone snaps.


Circular Quay had some fantastic animations on the buildings, but for some reason the vibe just wasn't happening this year. Perhaps we weren't in the right mood, but for whatever reason it felt a bit flat. There didn't seem to be as many interactive displays and people were just filing past the lights without the exuberance I witnessed in previous years. I still managed to geek out at the animation and wonder how the Opera House approved a post-apocalyptic theme for their artwork this year... The MCA building projection was my favourite, so many interesting things to see and the music was great.

Did you head to Vivid this year? I'm wondering if I chose a bad night to go or if it was a bit dull in general. Unfortunately I missed the ginat bunnies and Martin Place display which a few people said was good. Que sera sera.


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