Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Links v.07

{image by C}

For anyone working on a laptop, take a look at the Pillar. It's a lightweight, portable laptop stand designed to prevent neck and back strain associated with laptop use. I've backed it, it's really affordable and looks like it will really help my neck problems!

Why writing down notes helps you retain information better than typing it.

It reads like an Onion article, but apparently it's true: Bill Murray has foiled a bank robbery in Tokyo.

Give up giving up.

A fascinating article on people around the world photographed with their daily calorie intake.

This woven pillow looks so snuggly and comfortable.

Made in Sydney from a silk/cotton this blouse is so pretty! Plus, the buttons on the back are perfect.

Simplicity and minimalism in the form of a pyrite necklace.

If you're considering turning your hobby/craft into a business, read this article from Bespoke Magazine.

Hop on board the Collaboreat gravy train!

I hope your weekend has been great so far,


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