Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Links v.10

This dog knows when it's owner is coming home, even when she is a cab ride away! So adorable.

This 225 year old tool was used for measuring the blueness of the sky. And it has the best name ever: The Cyanometer.

If you still love writing on paper but could use those notes later, Mod Notebooks offer a digitising service with their notebooks. Fill up the book, send it to them and they'll digitise it, return it to you or recycle it. Brilliant.

Oh, Japan. One of the classiest nations on earth, Japan fans clean up the stadium after their team loses a World Cup match.

What could be better than ballet flats with pom-poms? How about ballet flats with pom-poms on sale?

Why you should do things even when you feel insignificant.

There's nothing more 1950's than a gingham dress, right? Once again, it's on sale! 50% off for one lucky duck.

The Freelance Life series from Cocorrina talks about avoiding regret through conquering your fear of failure and rejection.

10 ways to grow your instagram account organically.

Define your goals the night before and get an efficient start to your Monday!

In case you missed it on Kitty & Buck:
Learning New Things | Weaving with Maryanne Moodie
June Free Wallpaper Download | All Is Full Of Love
Found #101

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I never thought I'd say this, but after watching True Detective (BEST. TV SHOW. EVER.), I've decided that I don't actually despise every Matthew McConaughey movie (since he ditched romantic comedies). We watched Mud over the weekend, it was a great film. We've taken to browsing the local video store again, you always find something random to watch :)


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