Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Instagram Challenge | May Recap

Well, it seems like black and brown were a little more challenging than previous colour challenges! We still had some lovely shots, just not as many as the previous colours. Don't worry, June's announcement is coming soon and I'm looking forward to seeing some more snaps. Here are my favourites from May:

◆ @bamboo_blossom
◆ @kittenhoods
◆ @maryandrikus

◆ @terrapinandtoad
◆ @begoodnatured
◆ @trishka_m

◆ @sincerelysara22
◆ @trishka_m
◆ @sunnykoala86

10 ◆ @trishka_m
11 ◆ @apurplerat
12 ◆ @begoodnatured

I'm hosting this Instagram Challenge all through 2014, where the intent is to refresh your view on the world around you by searching for the month's theme colour. Hopefully we have the added bonus of improving our phone photography skills, too. Each month I will announce a new colour, and all you have to do to take part is tag your coloured images with #kittyandbuckcolor. At the end of each month, I'll feature a few favourites on Kitty & Buck and at the end of the year, I imagine we'll have a lovely rainbow streaking through Instagram!

Kitty @kittyandbuck

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