Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo A Day #71 My Favorite Polaroid Camera

I promised you a little while ago that I would dedicate a page to my camera gear, what I shoot with and also my collection. I'm pleased to report that I have begun the process of photographing all of my cameras (the challenge lies in taking a photo of the camera I use to take my digital photos - my MAIN camera) Today I'm going to share just one with you, think of it as a little teaser, for the full unveiling ;)

My favorite Polaroid camera. This is my go-to Polaroid. I admit, he isn't the prettiest little guy, but he has a good story and brings back memories whenever I use him.

On my first big road trip in the USA, C and I drove up the west coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, via Reno, with a few friends. One of my favorite parts of the trip was Eureka, right up on the northern coast of California. It was such a great town, and the whole area around that part of California and Oregon was lovely. We drove along the Bigfoot Highway, but I am sad to say, we did not see any Bigfoots. (Bigfeet?!) Aaanyway, as we entered Oregon, there was a slew of yard sales and makeshift thrift stores in people's front rooms and backyards. (Can anyone shed light on this practice? I haven't seen this anywhere else!)

We pulled up to a house were some ladies were selling bric-a-brac and we spotted this beauty. The lady said it worked and we could name our price. C, who was feeling brave and a little bit silly, offered her $2 for it. She cracked up laughing, and shaking her head she said "it's all yours, I would've given you that for a quarter!" She thought she had scored the jackpot when we paid $2 for it! And we thought we were being a bit cheeky offering so little. I guess it's a win-win situation. Despite the cosmetic issues, this guy works a dream, and always reminds me of our drive through the Redwoods.

Do you guys have a favorite camera?


  1. Just wondering, where do you get the film for this? I have the same camera and would LOVEEEE to use it!

    1. Hi Sarah, I still have some film as I stocked up, every week when I found out it was being discontinued. But I need more soon and you can get it from The Impossible Project

  2. Haha - $2! Can you imagine what that would cost here!? I like it's 'cosmetic issues' - it gives it character. xx

    1. I know! $50?? Those lucky ones in USA and Canada still get the best thrifting bargains! And us lucky ones who get to travel :)