Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo A Day #73 Ballet: Onegin @ Sydney Opera House

Tonight C and I attended our first ballet from the package he bought me for my birthday last year. It was the ballet Onegin, based on a story by Pushkin. It was really beautiful, so I'm sharing some pictures from our night.

I always feel lucky to be in Sydney when I get to go to the Opera House, though the first show I ever saw there was when C's godfather visited from the USA and took us to a choral performance, about 2 years ago. At that show they played the pipe organ, which is my favorite. So now I try and go whenever I can, there's always something good on there, but I have to pick and choose what I buy tickets for! Anyway, the ballet was beautiful, music by Tchaikovsky and the dancers were great. I always feel a bit emotional at the ballet!


  1. The fact that Οn the ceiling can be projected visual effect is amazing about this opera house.
    Oh I love Tchaikovsky, one of my favorite composers when I am playing my flute.

    1. Oh I know, the opening night of the Vivid Festival where they do the projections is in a couple of weeks. I might try and head along and check it out, I always seem to miss it!

  2. How lucky are you! Going to the opera house would be a dream for me!