Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo A Day #79 It's a bird, it's a plane! It's a Flying Fajita!

Alright I know, bad joke. It is true, I think I'm pretty funny. And I did eat Mexican AGAIN. I won't bore you with how delicious my fajitas were, or my trio of dips (the Three Amigos - the menu made that up, not me). I won't even bore you with the details of my roasted coconut, dark chocolate and brioche Mexican bread pudding. Here's some pictures, not of the food.
Poor C has the flu, so he's a little under the weather, Hopefully the chilli helped a little!

Happy Weekend. I hope you guys are up to a little bit of excitement and a little best of rest!


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    1. Thanks Betty-Lou! It's so funny, whenever I wear them, random people stop me in the street to talk about them. They certainly aren't my most outlandish shoes, but they definitely garner the most attention! Maybe because they are so cheerful :)