Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photo A Day #85 Instagram Miscellany

Hi everyone! Did I mention how happy I am to see you? Sorry I'm not going to write a lot today, I have to set up a shoot early in the morning at the TV station and I MUST get some sleep. I'm a notorious yawner, and it won't look good in front of all the important producers/crew and talent if I'm all bleary eyed! Normally I can hide out in the darkness of my workspace, but the studio lighting will show the bags under my eyes for sure! So anyway, here is a little Instagram update. I try not to post these too often, since some of you follow me already (as well as on Tumblr and Twitter where I often post these) so you might have already seen some of these. But for those who don't (why not?! It's easy - Instagram @kittyandbuck), enjoy!


  1. True fact, true!
    And by the way aren't the black cats the most beautiful cats? I don't understand why some people consider them to be a bad luck. Strange things happen...

    1. Nico is very beautiful, that's for sure! Superstitions are a bit weird I think! She is about the sweetest animal I know :)

  2. The pretty kitty looks like a younger version of my handsome boy Eko who passed away last year =')
    It's like seeing my gorgeous little man all over again which has brightened up my morning

    1. Oh Ashlee, I'm so sorry to hear that :( I lost one of my kitties last year too... I'm glad the picture cheered you up some!