Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo A Day #97 Vivid Light Festival in Sydney

Tonight we went on a photo walk through Sydney to take in the sights of the Vivid Festival. There are a tonne of events happening including music events and forums. I'm actually heading to the Etsy Success talk on Saturday, you know, so I can get off on the right foot with my store! I haven't talked much about it yet, but soon all will be revealed :)

This image is from Customs House, the projection was really cute, a little cartoon town going about it's daily business. My favorite parts of this capture are the cartoon windows and the blue Chrysler building-inspired building! So cute! I took loads of photos, so I'll share the best of with you in a proper post soon.

Even though it had been raining and it was all muddy, this light up hopscotch was a hit! Yes, I did take a few turns, I'll share them in the bigger post! The little kids were adorable though, I remember being a kid still and that light up hopscotch would have totally made my day! Wait, it kind of made my day now. I guess I'm still a big kid! I hope you are having a happy Tuesday.

Love, Kitty

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  1. I love the Customs House image - stunning! And I couldn't have resisted having a go on the hopscotch either.

  2. Thanks Sarah, it was pretty fun! I'll share more pics soon :)

  3. ok, this post makes me actually excited about coming home to sydney, thanks for that! x

    1. Oh good Gaby! It's nice to be reminded of the good things about home sometimes :)