Friday, July 4, 2014

Found #102

I'll start the weekend right, with Lewis Carroll.

Who doesn't love a good blazer? How about a nice summer linen number? Of A Kind is also offering 35% off everything until 4th July, using the code UPINYOURGRILL, so it's definitely worth checking out the other unique items they're stocking from emerging designers, there's always something good.

via: Of A Kind

If you've been hanging around here for awhile, you'll know I'm a fan of washi tape. I mean, it's perfect for gift wrapping, adding fun details to letters, sticking love notes to the wall (and keeping your paint intact), making labels, putting broken things back together (temporarily).. I could go on... instead, look at this gold triangle tape and consider the possibilities...

Someone at the Weekend Barber, all the way over there in Portugal, looked at an Oxford one day and said "It's the perfect shoe. But I'm going to make it better." And so these colour blocked Oxfords were born. Nothing fussy or crazy, but just the right amount of 'whoa' to win me over completely!

There's something special in the symmetry and balance of these mandalas made up of electrical components. I like finding order in chaos, though I doubt my patience would last long enough to solder these all together so perfectly.

via: Booooooom

I hope your weekend turns out fine! Happy 4th July to all of my American friends!


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