Thursday, July 24, 2014

Instagram Challenge | July Colour Inspiration

Well hello you! I hope your week is coming along nicely! Since July is screaming by, it's high time that we had a little colour inspiration roundup for those of us participating in the #kittyandbuckcolor challenge. July's colour is turquoise, which is just everywhere, from the water to a pretty wall, your nails (?) and tonnes of other things. If you spot something turquoise in your wanders, take a pic and tag it with #kittyandbuckcolor. I'll be featuring my favourites at the end of the month. You can see the original announcement post here. Below are some of my favourite turquoise pics spotted recently:

1 | Amanda Howard
2 | KenkĊ Kitchen
3 | Petrina Turner
4 | Hideaki Hamada
5 | Lauren Von Grimm
6 | Hello Sandwich

I hope to see your shots in the feed!


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