Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Links v.11

In all of my culinary adventures, I don't think I've ever cooked Russian food. This week, it is happening.

Speaking of cooking, I baked some birthday cake for a special someone (C.) today - I ended up making two half batches of this "best birthday cake" - one with fudge icing and the other, blueberry and mascarpone cream. So full of delicious cake right now...

If you ever need photographic inspiration (or admiration) head over to VSCO's curated grid. Beautiful.

Anthropologie has put it sale on sale! Use the code BUZZ20 to get 20% more off sale items. Too bad I already ordered my stash, I'd probably grab this tank top!

Have you ever deployed a seed bomb? I love this idea, and this pack comes with a handy-to-dispense-flowers slingshot!

These existential comics are so funny! See the German vs French philosophers battle it out in the World Cup. (I have no interest in soccer - sorry! but this is hilarious)

This is possibly a graphic designer joke - but you've probably seen the ridiculous requests clients can come up with when providing feedback (make the logo bigger, et al) Here's some client feedback to God on his creation. I had tears. So funny.

Embracing rest in a culture of busy.

This mint and pink tropical triangle bra is perfect for summer, or summer dreaming ❤

fhifhfjdjdjdiff!!!! Laura Palmer's house is up for sale! Oh to have a spare $500k right now...

Stephanie started this post with a quote from Carlos Castenada: "We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." Read her thoughts on positivity and the internal struggle.

I hope your weekend was great, especially for my American friends celebrating the 4th of July. Since it was C's birthday we indulged in cake and the most delicious Indian food, I daresay, in Sydney. I'm going to go and enter a food coma now, and prepare to hit the gym tomorrow!

I also headed to the General Assembly/Blog Society 'do' on Friday night where I met the lovely Miranti in person and also some other new friends - hooray for social gatherings that I actually follow through on and attend. Boo for getting overly anxious and probably talking too much... Ah well.


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