Friday, July 25, 2014

Found #104

If I wore these cicada wing earrings, I'd probably freak out every time the wing brushed on my neck, and cause a huge spectacle. But it would probably be worth it because they are beautiful and the general public could have a good giggle at me too...

It's been a really long time since I featured something from Petit Mort, and they are still coming up with killer jewellery! I love the tangled crochet chains that they create around the stones.

Oh foxes. So naughty, so sly and so cute (unless they're in The Mighty Boosh, in which case they are the most terrifying thing, ever) As the article states, they are one of the most charismatic creatures and photographer Roeselien Raimond has captured them in their full glory.

Of A Kind have done it again! I rarely see something on their site that I dislike. These earrings are a classic OAK selection. Simple, minimal, but not boring!
via: Of A Kind

Spotted on Eat Drink Chic: The most colourful, fun chocolates! Plus balloons and all manner of celebratory knick-knacks. Unelefante are based in Mexico and they're bringing the colour to your life! 

Here's to a nice weekend! Think of me and my 9am Monday deadline, okay?


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