Saturday, July 12, 2014

Found #103

Last weekend I baked two cakes... Obviously my cooking utensils were not used to such frenzied attention and I managed to snap a handle off my vintage measuring cup. After allowing a small tear to roll down my cheek, I found a suitable replacement, courtesy of Etsy. May my bright orange plastic half-a-cup rest in peace.

ModCloth recently ran a great sale with 50% off a bunch of items. They're now offering a small selection of plus sized dresses for 50-70% for a limited time. I love this Curious Columnist Dress from Dear Creatures! So sweet.

via: ModCloth

Nicolas Delort creates these amazing artworks using a reverse technique, first painting a surface black, then revealing details by etching away the paint to reveal the white base. I especially like this work because C used this technique to great effect for much of his early illustration work when we first met. It takes a special kind of visualisation to make this work!

If there's one thing Etsy has done that I absolutely love, it's creating a place where I can find some of the most unique and interesting handmade goods without spending all of my money traveling to the best artist markets all around the world! I love this amethyst cuff from Los Angeles!

via: LuxDivine

I feel like I should apologise for sharing more blankets from Texturable Decor, but I'm not really sorry. I can't get enough of their blankets! I really should just cave in and buy one and leave you in peace (though I'm sure I'll just start telling you how warm and snuggly it is)

How is it Friday already? Augh!!! I'd like to say I'll be taking it easy this weekend, but it's pretty action packed! The main event is my grandma's 90th birthday high tea themed party! Sometimes I pause and think how incredible it must be to have lived for 90 years... the things she has seen and done, and how much the world has changed around her as well. It's mind boggling. Facts about Grandma - she traveled a lot when she was (a little bit) younger and has fond memories of people in Japan in the streets wearing special name badges if they spoke English (to help tourists). I recently discovered that my dislike of olives is genetic (obvs) since she picks them out of her food too... She used to work at a button factory and has a stash of buttons that makes me giddy just thinking about them. She bakes a mean Anzac cookie. I may have also inherited my independent streak form her. Despite suffering from quite severe arthritis, she lives at home and does pretty well for herself. So happy to be celebrating with her tomorrow!

I hope your weekend is special too :)

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