Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Links v.14

If you know a cat that needs a little exercise *cough cough* check out this take on a cat-sized hamster wheel! The kickstarter is funded well beyond it's target, so I suspect Maggie isn't the only kitty with a generous girth.

A fascinating look at the culture of Eskimos in the photo series developed over 20 years.

My list of things that I'd like to see and do in Japan in November is growing to an unmanageable length! First, I found a cafe that serves Pikachu burgers. Second, Jacquie turned me on to High Tea at the Park Hyatt. I think the High Tea edges up the list, especially since I can sneak a drink in the New York Bar afterwards.

Mill Street Vintage stocks the most incredible collection of 50's dresses!

Any creators out there? Bloggers? Born hatin': Why some people dislike everything.

What a great collection of sweet and unique cards + stationary.

Ten ways travel changed my life forever.

Bethany has provided a really thorough look at growing your Pinterest following.

These crispy autumn veg burgers with apple cider slaw are delish!

26 time management hacks I wish I'd known at 20.


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